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Red Stag

June 2023 Newsletter

June 2023 Newsletter As a hunting guide and Outfitter carrying over 25 years of experience, 2023 has to rate as a milestone. Nothing, in all

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Webcam Fellow Deer

Hunting Tips & History

Hunting Tips & History Introduction of game animals to New Zealand  The first Red Deer to arrive in New Zealand did so as a gift

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Black Lab

2019 newsletter Telford Hunting

There are 2 labs playing on the deck, a tabby cat stretched out in front of the fire box, snow falling above 1000m(3200ft) and craggy rain all around us.
Sues off to the airport for work, no matter it’s Sunday…

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Tahr hunting

Tahr Management

Tahr , officially Himalayan Tahr (Hermitragus jemlahicus) or the beardless Himalayan mountain goat were first introduced to New Zealand in 1905.

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Hunting NZ

The Structure of a Hunting Day

Many hunters and their non hunting partners want to know how is the hunting day structured. Fair and good question. Nothing happens in a hurry and we try not to pull surprises. Our hunting lease is 10 minutes drive from your lodgings so there no travel time.

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Happy New Year!

I Thought I would use the seasons as my starting point for this quick catch up. It’s our summer right now, mix that in with

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Whats in a number?

12,989. What’s in this number? Couple of things, it’s the distance from Calgary to Queenstown NZ. It’s also the cost, give or take a couple

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