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New Zealand’s hunting guide outfitters for Red Stag, Fallow Deer, Himalayan Tahr and Chamois

Fair chase – Private property

Hunting a trophy New Zealand Red Stag is a dream for many visitors and one of our specialty services. Add to that the Himalayan Tahr, Chamois and various small game and your New Zealand hunting trip with Gerald and Sue Telford will be a highlight of your hunting career.

Hunting Tahr in New Zealand
Fallow Deer

Gerald has hunted these elusive trophies for many years in NZ’s rugged South Island and more than 30 of those years as a professional NZ hunting guide in the Lake Wanaka & Hawea Region.

As well as working within the hunting industry at a grass roots level, Gerald is active with representing Tahr hunters both recreationally and commercially at a management level, assists with hunter training at multiple levels as well as working directly with NZ Police within the clubs and ranges certification processes.

‘The New Zealand Red Stag and Tahr hunt went off without a hitch. Plenty of quality animals to hunt in such a wonderful environment. I will not forget the sight of my first Red Stag and Tahr. Gerald’s ability to encourage this flatlander through the mountains was much appreciated. I would not hesitate to book Gerald and Sue for New Zealand Hunting in the future. Maybe chamois and trout fishing next time. If you ever make it to Houston please look up your new Texan friends.’

Matt and Sonya Osburn,
April/May 2007

Multi Species Hunts

Stag, Fallow Deer, Himalayan Tahr and Chamois are available from March to the end of August. These are our winter months and conditions can be harsh at times.

Small Game Options

Small game hunts are a great addition to your big game hunting itinerary, if time and weather are in our favour. They are also available as a separate specialised hunt. Species hunted include Arapawa Sheep, Feral goats, Wild Boar, Wallaby, Hare, Rabbit, Merriam Turkey and Bush Tail Possums.

Hares, Rabbits and Possums are usually hunted at night with artificial light, legal in New Zealand. Shotguns and .22 are the favoured weapons.

Wild Boar, Turkey, Ram, Goat – access to private property. Pigs can be hunted with dogs or rifle. The New Zealand Turkey are more placid than the wary American Turkey.

Wallaby – fast moving, quick shot in high country along the East Coast of the South Island. A different hunting experience.

Sheep, Goats and Boar are often encountered during Stag and Deer hunts. Often the opportunity to take a good sheep, goat or boar will be compromised by the Stag or Deer hunt so decisions have to be made very quickly. As with most hunting, ‘opportunities not taken may be an opportunity lost’. The other side of the coin is the very real chance of a specialised sheep or goat hunter coming face to face with the Stag or Deer of a lifetime. The fact that we hunt on private properties without having a licence or tag system for specific animals leads to some interesting outcomes.

Merriam Turkey – abundant in our hunting region, it is not uncommon to see over a 100 birds in a day’s hunt. Again we hunt a little differently than the average State side turkey hunter with the preferred method being spot and stalk. 18 –20lb birds are not uncommon.

Duck and Canada Geese – Mallard and Quail are seasonal from the first weekend in May. Canada Geese are hunted 12 months of the year.

Duck – hunting of our resident populations of Mallard and Paradise ducks is normally from blinds shooting over decoys. Paradise duck are grazing birds so we are not necessarily hunting over water. Mallard hunting might be paddock hunts, swamp hunts or jump shooting dams and willow choked creeks. We wing shoot as an accompaniment to a trophy hunt. An evening shoot can be arranged.

Got a hunter’s question for Gerald? He’ll get back to you as soon as possible with the information you need.

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